vSearch for virtuemart

vSearch for virtuemart

Simple yet powerful module for Joomla to display Virtuemart product search result.
Search module searching by keyword, categories, manufacturers etc.
Filter the search result through Custom Fields.
Choose which Custom Fields you want to display on Module.
Unlimited Depth for Category List.


vSearch For VirtueMart is offering you both a Powerful Product Search via Keywords and a Filtering module that filters with Categories, Manufacturers and Custom Fields which helps your customers to find their favorite products what they are looking for, in seconds. Customers can narrow the search scale by categories and its child level so that it saves time for them. It is very simple but powerful module for Joomla to display Virtuemart product search result.

How it works

With the vSearch For VirtueMart Search Module, Customers can enter the keyword or select specific categories to search keyword. Also, customer can apply filters on Custom Fields attached to the Virtuemart Products. The extension will display you a list of products based on your search query or display no results if there aren't any matches.

Features & Benefits

Features List:

  • vSearch For VirtueMart search module can Search the products instantly with customers input keywords.
  • Instead of searching with a large scale, customer can select the specific categories or child category that is shown in a drop-down list.
  • Customer can also search through a specific Manufacturer or Brand.
  • AJAX module Custom Field List update in case of changes in Category and Manufacturer filter parameters.
  • Generation of filters from the Virtuemart's native Custom Field types.
  • Ability to choose to display Top Level Categories or a particular Child Category on the Module.
  • Ability to define the sub category level
  • Ability to show/hide Search Keyword Input Field on the Module.
  • Ability to show/hide Category List as well as Manufacturer List.
  • Ability to show/hide Reset Button to reset customers search and filter Query.
  • Ability to choose which Custom Field you want to display on the Module.
  • Ability to set your custom Item ID.
  • No changes to Virtuemart code. Clean installation.


vSearch for virtuemart vSearch for virtuemart

Technical Specifications

The minimum requirements to run vSearch for virtuemart are:

  • Joomla! 3.x
  • PHP 5.2.4 +
  • MySQL 5.0.4 +
  • Virtuemart Version 3.x & 4.x

We recommend:

  • Joomla! 3.x
  • PHP 5.4 +
  • MySQL 5.1 +
  • Virtuemart Version 3.x & 4.x

vSearch for virtuemart Current Version:

  • 3.0.0
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