Yes, vQuiz support all Language. Now vQuiz is available in English language only. But fortunately Translating it to other language is very easy. All the text strings are available in separate language files. You can copy English language files and translate all the text available in that particular file.
Yes, vData is an extension which is built to support all the Joomla components, templates and all 3rd party Joomla templates. You can Import/Export any of the table available in the database. It works on the basis of database tables not on components.
Yes, vRestaurant is fully responsive for PCs, Notebooks, Mobiles and Tabs and their supported browsers.
Yes, one can Order a meal, book a room or a table etc. through vRestaurant.
Yes, if plans allow you to register more than one restaurant then it is possible
No, for multiple branches of a single restaurant one has to register with different restaurants for each branch.
Yes, there are multiple widgets through which admin can display all this information on Dashboard.
Stripe, Wire and PayPal are the default payment methods.
Yes, one can install plugin for any payment mode.
If not restricted one can add as many Menu as he wants.
If not restricted one can add as many users as he wants.
Yes, one can add and order diet as well as meal.
Widget is a small block that performs a specific function. A large variety of Widgets provided to you by vRestaurant to give insight about the restaurant and personal detail, to let you monitor and analyze restaurant performance. You can easily create widgets like Total reservations, Todays reservations, total earning, today’s earning, total orders, todays orders, etc. To add a widget to Dashboard, click on "Add Widget" toolbar button visible on top left of Dashboard. Start typing the name of the widget in the "Search Widget" field or create a custom widget with your custom settings. You can even add more than one copy of the same widget.
Yes, for different dashboard you can display different widgets as per admin, owner or user profile.
Yes, user can give review for both restaurant and menu.
Yes, owner of the restaurant can provide coupons and discount on any order.
Yes, admin or owner can add as much features and facilities as they want.
Yes admin/owner can allow their customers to bring pet with them. Customer have to choose the pet option at the time of reservation.
Yes, you can choose any currency in which you want to do business.
vRestaurant provide you review and rating system through that one can analyze the best restaurant near by his/her area. Secondly, on the basis of ratings and reviews one can go directly for the Top restaurant of the day appear on the Dashboard.

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