To download your purchased extension, you just need to log in on our site with the account that holds the license, head to My Orders >> My Downloads tab and use the Download button.

NOTE: We are the only to develop and distribute our extensions that can be downloaded only on this site. Be careful to get our products on other sites than this, our extensions can be downloaded only on this site. If you find our extensions downloadable on other sites at a cheapest price it's quite possible that malwares, security injections and hidden links have been added by other people in our products, thus download and install extensions on your site at your own risk. Moreover, we do not provide support for our products downloaded elsewhere and without a valid order on our official site.

In vQuiz, you can export results of all quizzes played by users in CSV file using the buttons "JSON-Export" on Toolbar of Quiz Results. Front-end user can also export results of all of his quizzes in JSON file. You can also apply Date filters to Export specific records of Quiz Results for a specific time during which the quizzes played.

vQuiz allow you to Import/Export questions data in an Easier and Faster way through JSON Format.

To Import your question Data, go to the Question side bar menu >> Question list layout and click on the "JSON-Import" button on toolbar. A popup will appear, browse and upload your JSON file of question’s data and click on "Import" button. That's it. Your Bulk has been imported to the system database.

To Export question Data, click on "JSON-Export" button and all your questions data will be downloaded into JSON file.

Yes, vQuiz allows user to share his quiz results via Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn or Facebook etc. at the end of quiz.

Yes, vQuiz allows user (player) to download his quiz result Certificate of quiz played by him. User can also send the Certificate to his desired email address.

Yes, vQuiz allow user (admin) to move and copy a quiz from one category to another category. This task can be performed by simply clicking on "move" or "copy" button in toolbar in quiz list layout from backend. User (admin) can also move and copy a question from one quiz to another quiz in a very simple way. Same process applies for front-end user to copy/move quizzes from one category to another category.

Yes, after registration on the site, user will have his own dashboard through which user can add his quizzes and questions from frontend. Further admin can moderate the site user quizzes using admin panel.

Yes, you can create a multiple-choice question for a quiz by choosing the option "Checkbox" from Answer Type dropdown in question Form Layout.

Of course, yes, you can display average score of different countries and the number of users playing Quizzes across the world with beautiful info graphics in interactive World Map through our vQuiz Geo Map module.

Yes, you can display the all Quizzes or display the Quizzes of a particular Category in a sleek & smooth Slider through our vQuiz Slider.

Yes, you can display the players played Quizzes in a sleek & smooth Slider as Top Scoring Users or Most Active Users etc. through our vQuiz Users Slider.

Yes, vQuiz can be used for Personality test. We can generate two types of personality Quizzes:

  • Single Personality
  • Multi Personality

There is another type of personality assessment Quiz i.e. MBTI with 16 different categories.

There is an option in back end for this i.e. Quiz Type, with this option all answers have some predefined points, and no answer is right or wrong. Using the total points scored you can display different Personality message for different points scored.

Yes, vQuiz can be used for Survey. Set the option “Survey” for Quiz Type field in the Quiz form to use vQuiz as a Survey.

Yes, you can have multiple types (what we have are radio button, checkbox, dropdown, images can also be included in Quiz description) of questions in a single quiz.

To avoid jQuery conflict or jQuery functionality not working properly, you can set Load jQuery option to "NO" under "General Tab" tab in Configuration section. If your issue is not resolved even after unloading jQuery in vQuiz, please contact our Support Team via contact form.

Yes, vQuiz support all Language. Now vQuiz is available in English language only. But fortunately Translating it to other language is very easy. All the text strings are available in separate language files. You can copy English language files and translate all the text available in that particular file.

Here is the path:

Front end: components/com_vquiz/language/

Back end: administrator/components/com_vquiz/language/

For other Modules each module has a separate language folder e.g. for Quiz category module you’ll find the file in modules/mod_vquiz_category/language folder and for Quiz module you’ll find the file in modules/mod_vquiz/language folder.

Yes, you can use Audio and Video file in/as a Question.

vQuiz Bundle comes with all the modules and the core component while Quiz & Survey is a complete Joomla installation with vQuiz Bundle + Quiz theme.

By Quiz Branching, Admin can Branch the user/Quiz Player to different parts of your quiz based on their choices.

By default, all Questions set to the next question in the quiz, but you can change this behavior. For example, you might want to branch your Quiz Player to a certain Question in the quiz if they get a particular question right and another question or End the Quiz if they get it wrong.

Quiz Branching redirect user to different question or to Quiz Result based on their choices.

Yes, we can create multiple question groups on the basis of categories. Which further helps a Quiz maker to choose groups instead of selecting each and every question, saves lots of time in case of bulk of questions.

Yes, you can choose any number of questions and can also set it to randomly for automatic selection of questions from a pool by setting the number of questions limit in Quiz settings under Question tab.

Yes, vQuiz provides you a “Lesson” option for this purpose. You can add your study material in the form of audio, documents, video, image, slides, and files. This study material or Lesson can be applied with different categories.

Yes, vQuiz provides you to create different level of Quizzes based on skills like easy, advance, ninja, proactive etc. Users can play quizzes as per the skill they selected and can also view the result skill wise.

Yes, you can create Learning path to align Lessons and Quizzes in any pattern so first of all the user should study them and then will give the relevant test to get the certificate.

Yes, you can invite new users by mail and can compare and compete with them as well.

Yes, you can set different prices for different Quizzes. You can also make a complete plan package in case of multiple set of Quizzes or User Groups.

We only use PayPal as our payment method as PayPal is the most trusted, secure and verified payment gateway.

It is recommended to set different passwords for database and backend. To recover the backend password, open the database first >> copy the encoded password from users table >> decode the password online to get the actual password.

You cannot renew vQuiz to vQuiz pro as it is a different package at all, not an update over the vQuiz. If you want to setup the vQuiz pro, you need to buy it first and then contact our support team for the paid migration.

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