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vMap lets you customize Google Map in your own way
Have markers Data in CSV file? Let vMap put these on Map
Have Business Listings in Database? Let vMap put these on Map
Let your visitors get the directions to Your business in a single click


vMap Component is a uniquely designed Joomla Extension that allows you to put your listings on Google Map. It provides you a very simple and flexible way to put anything from your database on a Google Map. You can create as many maps as you want with different settings and can add as many markers as you want in any of the created Maps. It also allows you to bulk import your markers in any existing Map from a CSV file. You can display multiple Maps on a single page with different settings without any conflict. Getting direction to any location is quite simple with vMap. It has various configuration options in Backend to customize your Map in your Way. It has various configuration options in Backend to customize your Map in your Way

Features & Benefits

Most Sparkling Features:

  • It allows to put anything from your database on a Google Map
  • It allows you to select any database table. And then you can select any column for different map parameters from that table.
  • It allows you to bulk import your markers into any existing Map from CSV File
  • It allows you to choose/add different Icon for different Markers.
  • It allows your users to get Directions to any Listing with one click only

Other Features:

  • Support different Map types eg ROADMAP, HYBRID, RELIF and SATELLITE.
  • Define Centre point and default zoom level.
  • Option to enable Locate me feature.
  • Markers can be added using Address, LatLng or directly pointing it on Map.
  • Ability to choose marker animation.
  • Ability to display infowindow information of all markers in a list, visible on viewport.
  • Option to choose between click and hover event on markers to open Info window.
  • Ability to add different colour Polyline between markers.
  • Get direction to the marker from your current location.
  • Option to include name, address and message in Info window.
  • Ability to customize your infowindow text for each marker with WYSIWYG Editor.
  • You can use Traffic, Transit, Bicycling Layers on the map.
  • Ability to Configure most of the control options (Pan Control, Street View control, Rotate Control, Overview Map Control, Scale Control, Info window width and height control, Display infowindow control, Zoom Control, Zoom Control Positions, Map type control, Marker width and Height control).
  • Multiple Maps on the same Page.
  • Support responsive Templates and all smart phones devices.
  • Compatible with all the browsers.
  • Massive configuration possibilities - kept simple.

Examples of what can it be used for:

  • You can display all your business locations on a Map
  • You can display direction to Your business location
  • Display a list of Restaurants in your city
  • Show a list of places your football team will play in
  • Show a list of Hospitals, Churches, Mosque etc in your city


Dashboard Map Manager Marker Item VMap Module VMap Preview


  • Q1. How can I display Map inside an Article using vMap?
  • A1. vMap does have a module to display the Map in front end. You can use Joomla’s Load Position Plugin to display the module inside article. Please refer to the below link to know how to load modules in article:
  • Q2. Can I display multiple maps with different settings on a single Page?
  • A2. Yes you can display as many maps as you want on a single page with different modules.
  • Q3. How can I customize Map? How can I set different map parameters e.g. Map center point, height, width and various other Map control options?
  • A3. Please go to your site’s administrator. Go to Components -> vMap -> Maps. Here you can add as many maps as you want and edit already existing maps. And then these maps can be used to display using the vMap module which comes built in with the vMap package.
  • Q4. Is the Google Map responsive?
  • A4. To make the Map responsive you need to set the Map width in percentage rather in pixels. To change the setting please edit the map you want to make responsive. You need to find “Google Map Width” option and change the width to “%” from “px”.
  • Q5. Can I add an Info window popup on click or on hover of a marker Icon?
  • A5. Yes, vMap allows you to choose to open info window on click or on hover of a marker Icon.
  • Q6. Can I customize the content of an Infowindow?
  • A6. There are two cases:
    1) In case of markers from existing Database table vMap allows you to choose three parameters to include in Infowindow content. Title, Address or Description of the marker. You can choose none or all of the three parameters to display in Infowindow.
    2) In case of imported markers or manually added markers vMap allows you to add Infowindow Content using a rich text editor.
  • Q7. Can I use custom Icon for markers?
  • A7. There are various icons comes along with vMap to choose the marker icon from still vMap allows you to upload your own customized icon for markers. Please go to Components -> vMap -> Markers, Add or edit any marker, there you would see an option to choose and upload the marker Icon.
  • A8. I do have markers data in a CSV file, How can I use it to list on a map?
  • A8. You can do it very easily using vMap. Here are the steps:
    1. First you need to create a Map if you’ve not done it already. You can add a Map by going to Components -> vMap -> Maps. Click on New Button.
    2. After creating the Map, please go to Components -> vMap -> Import Markers.
    3. You just need to select the Map you want to import the markers in and select the CSV file and click on Continue button.
    4. On the next screen you would be asked to select the corresponding columns from your CSV file for Marker title, address, latitude, Longitude etc. Please select the columns and click on Import Now button. And you are done. You can see these imported markers by going to Components -> vMap -> Markers.
  • Q9. How can add Markers manually in a Map? How can add Markers from an existing Database table in a Map?
  • A9. Here are the steps:
    1. Please go to Components -> vMap -> Maps.
    2. Click on New button Here you would see various options to customize the map. Please choose the right parameters as per your requirement.
    3. Please find Marker Options section.
    4. Here you would see an option to choose a Database table to load markers from:
    Follow these steps to add markers manually:
    5. Please choose “#__vmap” If you want to add markers manually.
    6. After entering all the required Information, Please save the Map.
    7. Now go to Components -> vMap -> Markers.
    8. Click on New button, Choose the Map you just created or the one you want to add the markers in.
    9. Add the marker position by dragging the marker icon on Map and enter all the other required information and save the marker.
    Follow these steps to add markers from an existing Database table
    5. Choose the table you want to export the markers from.
    6. As you choose the table, it will load five dropdowns to choose the options for Marker.
    7. Option for Marker Title, Address, Latitude, Longitude and Message
    8. Choose all the required corresponding columns and save the Map.
    You are done.
  • Q10. What is “Direction” feature in vMap?
  • A10. Direction feature will allow the user to get directions from one place to another. It will display two text boxes to let the user enter the start and end point and get the direction between them. User can easily get directions to a particular marker on Map, just click on a marker and End point address gets automatically filled up.
  • Q11. What is “Polyline” feature in vMap?
  • A11. If you enable the Polyline, it will draw a polyline going through all of the markers from first to last on Map.
  • Q12. What is “Locate Me” feature in vMap?
  • A12. Locate me feature will allow vMap to detect the user’s location and represent it with an icon on Map, it will help in finding the directions from user’s location.

Technical Specifications

The minimum requirements to run VMap are:

  • Joomla! 3.x & 4.x
  • PHP 5.2.4 +
  • MySQL 5.0.4 +

We recommend:

  • Joomla! 3.x & 4.x
  • PHP 5.4 +
  • MySQL 5.1 +

vMap Current Version:

  • 1.10.0
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