If you have transactions that you record regularly, for example a rent cheque, you can set them up as recurring transactions and save them for future use. When you save a recurring transaction, you can specify how often you want the transaction to be recorded. For example, you can schedule your office rent payment monthly. If the transaction details are the same each time, such as a rent payment, you can set up a recurring transaction to record automatically.

You can set up Unlimited Recurring Transactions. vAccount lets you select your Transaction Recurrence Time daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

To manage recurring transaction records, please go to Dashboard and click on recurring transaction icon. On the page, you will see list of recurring transaction records which you created and you will be able to add/edit/delete/publish/unpublished recurring transaction records using the buttons on toolbar.

  • To create an recurring transaction, you can simply click on New button in the toolbar and fill-in necessary information.

vAccount recurring

The table below list the important fields and it's meaning which you need to enter when you create Expense.

Property Description
Title Name (title) of the Recurring Transaction.
Transaction Date The date of the Recurring Transaction.
Quantity Total Number of Items included in this Recurring Transaction.
Actual Amount The Total Amount for this Recurring Transaction.
Amount Status Set it to Paid or Unpaid
Transaction Type

Choose the Type to set whether this Recurring Transaction is Expense Type (Transaction) or Income Type (Transaction). If you Choose Type as “Income” then a new field “Customer” will be appear below this field

vAccount recurring

and if you choose Type as “Expense” then a new field “Vendor” will be appear below this field.

vAccount recurring

Customer Choose the Customer from the list from whom, Income (Transaction) is earning.
Vendor Choose the Vendor from the list from whom you purchased Items.
Transaction Type Choose the Transaction Type (category) to which this Recurring Transaction will be assigned to.
Transaction Mode Choose the Transaction Mode of Transaction (online, cash, cheque)
Select Account Select the Account by which this Transaction took place. (optional)
Transaction ID Set your Transaction Id.(optional)
Recurrence Time Set your duration after which you want your Transaction to repeat (Transaction Recurrence Time) daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
Groups Choose the Group (Department/section/branch/sector) to which this Transaction belongs.
Comments Set your Comment or Description about Recurring Transaction
Receipt Upload You can upload the Receipt (Only .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png are allowed) of your Recurring Transaction (optional).

You can use filters to display specific records of Recurring Transaction like Year, Month, Day, Transaction Type, Transaction Mode.

vAccount recurring

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