Topic-icon Errors add restaurant and Search

27 Oct 2016 07:50 #3305

@Maad Your issues have already been corrected and a reply to your email has already been sent.

For all others having similar issue, Please read below:

1- It needs to correct the ACL settings as per your requirements for vRestaurant.
2- There are two search modules in vRestaurant. Keyword search and the main search module with various parameters.
If It's keyword search module then Please note it automatically detects your location and then search within that area only. To search it globally, One needs to remove the auto detected city / country at the top of keyword parameter then try to search.

If anyone still find issues, Please share your backend & FTP login credentials via contact us form, We'll look into it.


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12 Oct 2016 16:06 #3219

1- I'm getting error when I click add new restarant: JERROR_ALERTNOAUTHOR
Also when I click "Restaurant Manager" (Dashboard), the menu (New Edit Delete Publish Unpublish) is not visible!!
2- Search also Doesn't work - When Click search restaurant selecting any option or without, I'm getting no result
Can you help please?

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