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21 May 2018 05:19 #5996

We have already replied to the Email received from you, Please check and revert back with your feedback...


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11 May 2018 08:01 #5978

two weeks without any kind of reply?

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29 Apr 2018 11:42 #5911


When adding custom color palettes it should not be for text and background of the product.
I should be able to set both separate.
Let’s say I sell white and black t-shirts with the choice of 40 colors of text. How do I set that up right? The way you have it in the script I sell 40 t-shirt colors too.[/li]

Round canvas gives error. Call to undefined function imageSmoothArc()

The good morning text in the designs can not be removed. The text appears when open the design tool in the backend design tool on product page and when saving it shows the text and can not be removed.

Why is the front and back image also the design space – I should be able to create my own design space.
Take your t-shirt product as a sample. Customers can add text and images next to the shirt on a blank space.
Take your mouse pad as a sample the way it should be. But on that one when adding text it shows behind your images and not in the design area or at least as a top layer.
How to add the back and front thumbnails that are shown in the left down corner for every custom product on its own.

Some point that should be thought of for next releases.
Prices for different size printing. Now there can be added one price for small and big prints. Bit weird is it not? I always have to add the highest price even for a simple small logo
Let admin set the design canvas size.
Icons are great to see but not user friendly. Same as pop-ups for layers. Customers must search for it and even move it to the side, so they can work on their design.

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