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09 Nov 2016 10:02 #3376

It can be done but It would require some customization, Please contact our sales team via Contact us form for customization.


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Here is our use case that we need some help for.

1 Joomla-Virtuyemart site is getting paid through a standard payment method and everything works fine with it. Virtuemart tables are updated ok and payment is stored.

What we want is to pass data from the Joomla-Virtuyemart database to an external Joomla database.

Profile is created ok

Connection to the external database is ok.

Data to be exported have been set.

Our problem is that we can not make it work automatically. When the Joomla-Virtuyemart database is updated, we need the external Joomla database to be updated too.

The option of setting a cronjob to trigger the external Joomla database update is not the best idea because we will have to set the cronjob to run mostly every 1 minute and it will update the number of records defined, no matter if a payment has been recorded as an update to the Joomla-Virtuyemart database.

So in conclusion...

Is there a way of updating an external Joomla database when the local Joomla-Virtuyemart database is updated? Without having to do it manually?

Thank you in advance.

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