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26 Jul 2017 13:02 #4653

Start with the goal:
To move Joomla articles (J! 2.5.14) to a different site using J!3.6.5.
I'll create the category on the new site, then use your tool to insert them.

I am unable to connect to a remote database (J!2.5) using the vData tool.

I am going to assume the tool cannot connect because of some hosting issue that is unknown and unresovlable.

So - I'd like to take this approach.

1) Using phpMyadmin I would like to export the articles to a CSV file on the remote server (J!2.5).
2) Move them (ftp) to the destination server (J!3.6.5).
3) Then using vData Import Function:
- Profiles = "Import Joomla Articles"
- Data Source Format "CSV"
- Data Source (the output from 1 & 2)

Here is my problem that may be outside the scope of your tool, but I should be simple for any of you at WDMtech or intelligent members. I just need help with step 1.

Here is my SQL statement that is giving me errors and I can't seem to fix...

SELECT * FROM q4gzt_content
WHERE catid=55
INTO OUTFILE '/home/doemmvan/module1.csv'

table name and destinations are correct.

I just want to accomplish #1
- is this method correct?
- is there a better way?

Thank you for all your help.

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