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Please share your backend & FTP login credentials along with the CSV file you are trying to import via Contact us form, We'll look into it.


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Hi there,

we're currently using Vchart extension for one of our project.

1st ISSUE :

As the project is for a French organisation, we tried to translate the back-end by making changes to :

By duplicating and renaming the files into "fr-FR.com_vchart.ini" and "fr-FR.com_vchart.sys.ini" to "administrator/components/com_vchart/language/fr-FR" folder.

But some translation weren't applied in the process. Do you have any clue?

2nd ISSUE :

We also have encoding issues when trying to load a .csv file. Characters like "é" or even unbreakable space are generated as 00e9 and ufeff after saving a new chart in back-end view .

It's working in front-end until we edit it, then characters also go to 00e9 and ufeff and the chart values goes crazy !

Other questions :

Do we need to activate something for the charts to become responsive, because they don't seem to be.

How do we activate the download button in front-end view? We do know that we can show it using a module but can we do it by using the plug-ins in an article.


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