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03 Mar 2018 10:42 #5644

it's been a long time since we sent a reply to your Email asking for login credentials, please revert back to our email with the login details.


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22 Feb 2018 08:56 #5539

Now that you made it possible to access your component I could start to test it.
I also think you made a mistake while setting up the component, you had configured the default user group for employee to be client and vice-versa. I corrected that in the settings.
I'm having quite some trouble with it, some general questions and some ACL issues:

General question:

  • how to disable the 'interaction' part/tab? we are not going to use that.
  • how to have an employee with a payhead with a value of 0 (euro/dollar whatever?) we have some volunteer which i would like to give access to vbizz.
ACL issues:
I added an employee to the team.
  • I'd like the employee to be able to add an invoice (expense and income) and to be able to add vendors and clients./li]
  • IWhatever i change in the acl tab of the settings, the "new" - button in the income - invoice or expense - invoice menu won't appear. /li]
  • IAlso the vendor menu-point does not appear at all.
  • [
I connected to your demo that you indicated in your mail and noticed that the settings where different that what you had initially configured on our site. So I changed them to copy those. This had no effect.
In your demo:
  • the employee sees the "new" button in the respective invoice tabs.
  • He can add some details ( but not all, ie vendors...
  • when he clicks on save, a big error page (1064 sql ) appears (see screenshot)
Don't understand me wrong, I think that your component has a lot of potential, but there seem to still be quite some elements to look up...


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