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19 May 2017 14:36 #4273

Please match the column values of the manually added records with any other records ( imported from CSV file ), You must find some difference between both e.g. incorrect value in the type column used to identify the transaction type ( income / expense ). If you couldn't find the issue, Please share your backend & FTP login credentials, via Contact us form, We'll look into it.


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19 May 2017 13:29 #4272

Hi .I just licensed vAccount and did a CSV import of 49 records I can see them using phpmyadmin, but I can't get them to shwo in the joomla back-end nor in the font end "expense" menu item. I thought that I mus thave screwed up the data for the CSVimport, so I added a test transaction manually. I can now see it along with the original 49 imported records only if I am browsing the table using phpmyadmin - the vAccount system acts like there is nothing in the transaction dadtabase.

I am at my wits end - i suspect it is an ACL issue, but I can't fiure it out.

Thanks for any help.

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