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23 Aug 2019 05:57 #7111

Hi Luke,
Thanks for your suggestions :)

We will consider your suggestions in our upcoming version of vBizz.


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30 Jun 2019 11:46 #7038

Hi Guys,

Congrats on building a Great App! we really like it!! there are a few areas that are missing for us so I thought I would just post some ideas/requests for the next version ;)

Firstly, in addition to inventory/product sales, it would be fantastic if you could add a "time-based" billing module to allow time tracking and billing against specific projects.

The use case is where an independent contractor or small business delivers professional services to a client and needs to assign/track/bill the hours worked for each clients project.

To take it to the next level, you could add a work timer "widget" to the dashboard with a start/stop button, project selection and work description field, this would then make vBizz the primary employee interface for time tracking.

It would also be great to see some level of file repository/management capability where you could store specific files and docs related to each project.



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