HexData Virtuemart Export Plugin

Simplest tool to import/export your virtuemart products

You can filter products to export based on categories/manufacturers/published state
You can choose what fields to Import/Export
You can choose to Import/Export or skip Custom Fields
Create multiple profiles to export products with different settings
Try revamped HexData with more flexibility and features


It's an extension to HexData component. You need HexData to make it work. You can Import/Export your virtuemart products into a CSV file using this extension. It's built specifically for Virtuemart, hence provides you a much simpler way to Import/Export your Products. You can choose to Import/export products from a few particular categories as well. It also allows you to choose/skip each and every field to Import/Export. You can find HexData here.

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Licensed for single domain only. Contact us if you need license for multiple domains

Features & Benefits

Features List:

  • It literally saves dozens of hours!
  • Import/Export Virtuemart products easily
  • You can import all virtuemart fields including custom fields
  • Allows you to only add / update data into the desired columns, you can simply choose to skip remaining columns
  • Lets you choose each and every field to be Imported/Exported of your choice
  • Lets you choose whether to Import/Export or skip custom fields
  • You can create different profiles with different settings to Import/Export your Products
  • Lets you choose Categories if you want to export products only from a few Categories
  • Lets you choose Manufacturers if you want to export products only from a few Manufacturers
  • Lets you see the total number of products available
  • Lets you choose number of products to export
  • Lets you choose if you want to export only published products
  • Imports/Exports data from/into a CSV file
  • Support all language


HexData Virtuemart Import/Export Plugin HexData Virtuemart Import/Export Plugin HexData Virtuemart Import/Export Plugin HexData Virtuemart Import/Export PluginHexData Virtuemart Import/Export Plugin


  • Q1. I'd need it to import data into database from excell generated csv file. Are there some instructions how fields should be organized? Can I import image paths? (I'll upload images manually via ftp)
  • A1. Yes you would be able to import/export data using the plugin. You can import image paths and image needs to be uploaded manually via FTP. To know how fields should be organized you can export your data, you need to organize your fields in the same way as the exported CSV file..

Technical Specifications

The minimum requirements to run HexData Import/Export Plugin for Virtuemart are:

  • Joomla! 2.5.x or 3.x
  • PHP 5.2.4 +
  • MySQL 5.0.4 +
  • Virtuemart Version 2.x

We recommend:

  • Joomla! 2.5.x or 3.x
  • PHP 5.4 +
  • MySQL 5.1 +
  • Virtuemart Version 3.x

HexData Import/Export Plugin for Virtuemart Current Version:

  • 1.2.0
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